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Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's the power of Raw baby and oh does it feel good! Howell, MI Children's Photographer

So I listened the advice of my good friend, the insanely talented, the one and only Jean Smith as she listened to me cry for a full hour about my images. I may or may not have been the reason for her taking several wrong turns in Detroit on Saturday...even though her GPS was shouting at her repeatedly to..."Keep Right, Keep Right, Keep Right" Hey what can I say, I was busy trying to eat my Starbucks oatmeal with my finger because I couldn't find a spoon...we're talking catastrophe people. So as I obnoxiously slurped my oatmeal off my finger and tried talking over the rude GPS lady who kept interrupting me..I explained to Jean...well wait a second let me rephrase that, I boo hoo'd and whined like a little baby, that I wanted my images to be bright, crisp, clean, colorful. I told her that I wanted my midtones to be bright but that I wanted to retain some detail in the face. She told me to switch to "Raw" and that is exactly what I did. thanks Jean for all of your advice...you rock!

Hello color in the sky and detail in the face, hello gorgeous color in the background and no ugly blow out areas. I'm over here singing out loud...are you ready for this??...No really...I don't think your ready for how crazy I am......here it goes...."I'm so excited and I just can't hide it, I'm about to lose control and I think I like it"! LOL. I knew that Raw was a wonderful thing, I'm just not so sure why I've been so scared of it for so long.

I also had the pleasure of speaking with the very talented Brooke Ashley...who's work makes me drool. What a talent this chick is and so sweet to have called me after receiving my email of desperation. She too listened to me boo hoo for what seemed like hours about the same thing. She was so nice to spend so much time talking with me about how to achieve this "look" that I'm after. Thanks a ton Brooke I really enjoyed talking with you.

Now is this image itself anything to write home about?? No, not really. Hey beggers can't be choosy right? I had to beg and plead with my daughter to let me snap a few quick images and this is the look that she gave me. Oh well. Will the processing of my next image look like this??? Probably not, but "Somethin tells me I'm into somethin good!"...yep I'm still singin' over here..hee hee hee!

Ok so now the question that I ask all of you is....Do you see a difference??? And YES I need HONESTY people! If you don't see much of a difference then please tell me because it's the only way that I can improve. Thanks in advance!


Boxfire Photography said...

I definitely see the colors popping out :-)RAW does feel so good.

laurel said...

When I'm too lazy to shoot in RAW that "clarity" feature is the thing I miss most. I'm glad you found your solution... LOVE the shot, and as always LOVE your work!

Mary said...

I think it looks beautiful! Hello blue skies ;)

Joy said...

I think it looks fabulous, but I always think your work is fabulous! I was reading your post saying...hey, I know her...AND her! lol.

Carol Graham Photography said...

Very nice! I too have been afraid of RAW, but as soon as I get my new PC I am going to try it. Currently it would crash my poor overloaded PC!
FYI I loved your work before. don't you go changing too much! Your advice on spot has really helped me a ton...had some great baby sessions recently. Let me know if you come to Chicago this summer so we can hook up.

jean smith said...

HAHAHAHA...totally laughing after reading your description of us on Saturday. Unfortunately, with your finger lickin and my horrid driving skills, we are one crazy couple! Anyway, I love it that you are trying RAW and I do notice a difference. But, RAW isn't for everyone, and there are tons and tons of JPG only shooters. You rock with JPG's too so go with what feels right for you. Adorable pic by the way.

Brooke said...

This is so darling and it was SUCH a pleasure to talk with you too :)