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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Change is Good! Birmingham, MI baby photographer, Children's photographer, Detroit MI, baby photographer, 6 mo pictures

I know, I know, I know...it's been something like 2(ish)months since my last post. I do feel terrible about that but I've made some changes...and I think change is good. I took some very much needed time off to be with my family. It was supposed to last about a month right around Christmas, but I couldn't bring myself to come back. Last year I felt so overwhelmed and so busy, I felt like I missed an entire year of my kids lives. I was supposed to be a stay at home mom, but that suddenly changed and my kids did not adjust well. So shame on me for letting my work get in the way of spending quality time with my sweet girls. It's extremely hard because I love my job so much...like so, so, crazy much...to the point that the line that separated work from my family got very fuzzy, which in my opinion is unacceptable. That line needs to be very clear and defined for me to feel good about myself. I am officially back to work, but not taking as many clients as I did last year. Both of my girls will be in school full time in a couple of years and then I will have plenty of time to be swept away by my work that I love so much, but until then my full time job is my family and my part time job is my photography.

Upcoming changes in the works....

1.) A New Blog is in the Works along with some amazing giveaways!
2.) A New Logo and new branding....Yahooooooo!
3.) I'm going to the "Rock That Off Camera Flash Workshop by Ali Hon
(rain, rain go away, come again some other day...just not this weekend please!)
4.) Looking for help with newborn sessions! Please email me if interested.

And now....drum roll please.....some images of the happiest 6mo old that I have ever photographed. He was smiling and squealing from the second they welcomed me into their home. What a delight this little guy is! Look at how much he's grown since the last time I photographed him. When I left this session, I couldn't help but feel like I had forgot something...and then I figured it out...if only I could've sucked on those adorable cheeks and maybe razzzzed a little on those chunky monkey thighs...maybe, just maybe I would've felt complete.


Marla said...

Those images are amazing! Such a handsome and happy little man! Good for you for taking some time. . . you deserve it and so do your girls! Best of luck to you in your new venture. . . . :)

Hollie said...

These are so adorable. I have one quick question. Are you using a flash in the pictures or all natural light? I would think natural light.

Anonymous said...

You amaze me - that hair was flippin adorable! Your images are always so different and fresh! Love it! Can't wait to view all your new changes! Yeah! Let me know how the workshop goes!

Jean Smith said...

good to see you back! CUTEST dang cute ever! wow, these pictures are just BEAUTIFUL!

rebecca said...

Balance is difficult...your girls are lucky to have such a great mommy. This little guy's hair is too much:o) Love these images!

jenny haas photography said...

it's about time ;)
i love what you wrote..i am dealing with the same thing..it's hard sometimes to find a balance..yet i know my kids are the most important, and that's what i constantly have to remind myself of. can't wait to see your new branding! i am sure it will be awesome!

Anneli - A'la Foto said...

What a cute little guy! Amazing blue eyes and such long hair! He is really cute as a button and you have captured his charm very nice!

Carol Graham Photography said...

I just LOVE these! He is too cute. You rock you know. I am glad you took a break when you needed it too. Good for you. It is hard balancing it all. Thank you for a great perspective.Your images are fantastic. Love the sharpness and colors.

Mary said...

Oh my gosh that is the sweetest baby ever!!!
Can't wait to see all the changes!!!

Danielle Weathers said...

What a cutie patootie!!!!