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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Children's Photographer at Rainbow Showroom= Mission Impossible | South Lyon, MI Children's Photographer, Milford, MI Children's Photographer

So I decided to take my kids to Rainbow Recreation of Michigan to play. If you've never checked it out...I highly suggest you do so. Tues and Thurs it's free to play before 11:00 and any other time it's just $5 per child. Our goal was to get there prior to 11:00a.m. to save some cash but little did we know that we would be stuck in a gigantic traffic jam for 1 1/2 hrs. So my girls and I made the best of it and turned lemons into lemonade. We rocked out hard core to some Lady Gaga. While our car was at a standstill...I'm sure the cars around us were wondering what was going on as our car rocked back and fourth to the beat! Luckily my little ladies were having fun and being patient and when we finally got there they were able to let loose. Kind of a bummer for me...because I wasn't able to get a single picture of either of them...they definitely made themselves scarce. I did get a few of my niece and nephew and some of the friends that we met up with there. Creativity went completely out the window...I was lucky to get anything worth posting. Trying to watch my kids and take pictures of other kids...was definitely a challenge but worth it.

I simplified my post processing does anyone see a difference?


Marla said...

adorable - look fab as always. Can't tell any difference.

Anonymous said...

Jen, I can't believe how blue Mollys eyes look in that last photo...oh and I will be needing that one of her and Griffin for their wedding slide show :)

Whitney said...

Amazing as always. :) And I love that you censored Jess. lol My sister would probably love for me to do that for her when I post as well... (note to self for future posting... lol)

Jenn Anderson said...

Love it!!! Everything, the great pics & the sensoring!!