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Friday, August 8, 2008

A2 x's 3 C's = FUN!

Ok so I'm sure you're wondering what this title means exactly. Ann Arbor x's 3 Cool Camera Chicks. Is cool still an ok word to use....I think today's version of cool would be the word "sick", but to me that just doesn't sound right. I got invited to go out to Ann Arbor with Kirstynn and Laurel who are some really fun girls. Kirstynn is an awesome friend of mine who happens to be jumping into the world of food photography. She just bought a new camera and is trying to learn how to use it. I can't wait to show her the ropes and hopefully help her persue something that she can eventually become passionate about. I'm so excited to have another photog friend to hang with! Laurel is an amazing Children's photographer who I met for the first time only a few months ago. She is so very talented at what she does and her upbeat personality is infectious. I had so much fun hanging with these two girls. We started off the evening by eating dinner at a shi-shi restaurant called Gratzi. It was delicious! So after some good eats and drinks, lots of pics, and great conversation we decided to head out to take pictures of some Ann Arbor randomness. (random now that's a word that is used a lot by high school students today...however I'm not sure that I used it in the right way). Anyway...
We ate delectable chocolates at a candy store called shokolad...it was fancy schmancy and I enjoyed every last bite. From there we went over to Zingerman's Deli and Kirstynn and Laurel sampled about every piece of cheese in the place, while I took a gazillion pictures. The place is awesome and even better behind the lens of a camera. I was so sad when we had to finally wrap up our perfect evening...well perfect for me but probably not so perfect for Kirstynn considering by this point she was about ready to throw her camera out the car window while speeding down U.S.23. Frustrated because she is trying to learn how to use it. I promised to teach her the ropes and decided that our next night out...I'll leave my camera at home and help her enjoy looking at things in a whole different way. You'd be surprised how different things look when they are seen through the lens of a camera. Thanks so much Kirstynn and Laurel for inviting me. I had a blast! Until our next night out....Oh yeah and welcome to the wonderful world of photography my sweet friend...I'm going to make sure that you love it!

Kirstynn photographing my glass of wine...

Laurel squeezing some lemon juice all over our calamari...fabulous!

Kirstynn striking a "I know how to operate my camera, I think..." pose.

Ahhh yeah walk on with my bad self and all my flashy camera equipment...


Exchanging money for the goods.


Kirstynn Evans said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I look like a REAL LIVE photographer! Maybe if we just had only pics of me being a photographer, thenI would love everything about it! You really make me look good!

It was a blast! Everything about it! Especially that cheese! I love stinky cheese, and it was great. But the best was the company. You two are very inspiring, and motivating, and I am so glad to be part of your world.

Let's do it again real soon. And I think you better bring your camera, because then you can get those crazy shots of me pretending to be a photographer. That is HILARIOUS! LOVES, LOVES, LOVES!

Laurel said...

AWESOME pics Jennifer. How offended would Kirstynn be if I posted the pictures of her "camera poses"? Hmmmm... blackmail? I had a blast! Wish I could do it every single week!

Jean Smith Photography said...

your pictures rock da house!!! yay...it's so fun to see that kirstynn has crossed over to the dark side!!! i miss you guys and hopefully we can have a fun day like this when i get back...